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Qleet is a managed Threeport offering.

This site provides user documentation specific to the Qleet platform. Since it provides fully managed Threeport control planes, the Threeport Documentation is still applicable and should be referenced for using it.


The open source Threeport project provides the tptctl command line tool for interacting with Threeport. Qleet uses an extension of tptctl called qleetctl which includes all the functionality of tptctl with added features specific to the Qleet platform.

Qleet users should always use qleetctl instead of tptctl. Any command examples in the Threeport docs that provide commands for tptctl, just substitute qleetctl and use the same subcommands.

For example...

tptctl create workload -c my-workload.yaml`

simply becomes...

qleetctl create workload -c my-workload.yaml