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Welcome to Qleet, the managed Threeport service provided by the creators of the Threeport project.

Qleet provides all the functionality of open source Threeport, plus the following:

  • Managed Threeport Control Planes: Qleet users do not have to install, upgrade or manage Threeport control planes. The Qleet service provides them for its users.
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC): Open source Threeport does not implement access control - all users are super-users. Qleet users can apply RBAC rules to users on their account to provide appropriate access based on roles.
  • 3rd Party Identity Provider Integration (Coming Soon): Qleet currently offers secure authentication to Qleet services and will soon offer integrations with 3rd party services to authenticate users.
  • Graphical User Interface (Coming Soon): Qleet currently offers command line access to the system with the qleetctl CLI tool. Soon, we will release a portal so Qleet users can view and manage their resources with a GUI as well.

This site provides user documentation specific to the Qleet platform. It includes documentation for using the managed Threeport control planes. If you are using open source Threeport, see the Threeport Documentation.