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Qleet Users

Your company's Qleet account has individual user accounts associated with it. This guide outlines how to manage those users.

Admin User

You may recall when you created your Qleet account for the first time, you supplied a list of user email addresses as part of the account creation process. These users were assigned Admin roles within the context of your Qleet account.

The Admin role can invite other users to join your company's Qleet account and manage those users' access with role-based-access-control (RBAC).

Adding a new user

Follow these steps to add a new user to your Qleet account.


If you haven't already, install qleetctl, the Qleet command line tool, and log in.

User Invite

A current Admin of the Qleet account will first need to onboard the user id via the following command:

qleetctl invite user --userid

Next Steps

Once a successful user invite has been created, the new user should install qleetctl. Next, they can register and verify their user account, then log in. New users can use the Qleet Authentication guide to do so.

If you've added a new user and wish to manage their access, follow the Qleet RBAC guide.

If you're all done with managing users, move on to creating a Threeport control plane by following our Contol Plane guide.